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Automation, wherever viable, is an incredible way to increase productivity while ensuring the creation of a uniform product. But when it comes to automation, there is a lot to think about, a lot of specialised machinery, personnel, processes, costs, challenges benefits and drawbacks that looking at the system holistically can be difficult. So we are going to split it up and take a look at some end-of-the-line solutions that are often overlooked; those associated with packaging a product once it has been manufactured. The components associated with this include bagging, palletising, wrapping and conveying equipment.

Bagging Equipment

Bagging equipment is highly specialised and varies depending on the needs of the factory or client making use of it. They are typically used to package products like plastic pellets, animal feed, seeds, salt and other consumables that arrive at the end user in a plastic bag. There are a number of trusted brands you should look out for when sourcing this type of machinery; namely Certopac, Circupac, Weighers and B&C.

Palletising Machinery

Palletising equipment is sourced to do one or both of two types of palletising, namely bag and case palletising. Also highly specialised, these types of machinery will differ depending on the needs of the item being packaged. Two of the most trusted brands for palletising equipment include Okura and Statec.

Wrapping Equipment

Wrapping equipment differs greatly depending on the need for it, including quantities and sizes, with some models being able to handle more than 200 pallets per hour. They offer versatile wrapping solutions and can significantly improve packaging quality. A few notable brands for this type of machinery includes Lachenmeier and Haloila.

Conveying Equipment

Conveying equipment, quite simply, pushes the product along to facilitate automation on the floor. It is generally specifically designed for the layout of your factory and come in three major types: pallet conveyers; case conveyers; and belt conveyers.

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Why Use Palletiser Machines Instead of Manually Packing Your Stock

Especially in those smaller warehouses, the cost of investing in conveyer equipment and automated packaging machines doesn’t always seem viable. Even though these types of specialised machinery have been shown to add a number of benefits to the operations they are concerned with, it can be easy to assume that they only have their place on larger factory and warehouse floors. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however, since the benefits that they bring to a business can amplify their operations significantly. And here’s how:

Work More Efficiently

Manually stacking goods in warehouses it remarkably time consuming, and is also one of those tasks that needs to be done, and in being a priority, is also a bit of a hassle. The more loads you have to stack, the more severe this becomes. Because of this, you could spend a lot of your time making sure goods are properly stored than you should, which means that other areas of your business might not get the attention they deserve.
By using palletiser machines, however, stacking becomes much more of a breeze and can be done far more efficiently, saving you time; and remember that time is also money to your business.

Automate Stacking

This segways us into the next point, the matter of automating your warehouse. Automation will boost efficiency and productivity substantially, and will also allow you to operate at less of a cost to yourself. This type of automation, while being wholly beneficial, can only be done with the right type of equipment, such as palletisers.

Protect Your Workers from Harm

Manually stacking warehouse goods puts an immense amount of strain on the human body, which means that it is putting your workforce at risk of injury and accident. The problems associated with this range from employee downtime due to the need for recovery, right through to unpleasant settlements which will cost your company.
All of these problems can be avoided with a mechanised solution, such as those offered by palletiser machines.

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