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For over 30 years Haloila has reliably serviced their customers’ unique wrapping needs. Since the first Octopus model was introduced in 1983, Haloila have continued to innovate and improve in speed and versatility. Haloila’s high speed machines are now able to handle more than 200 pallets per hour.


Compact Series

  • Benefits of ring technology also for low capacity end of line packaging – versatile wrapping features, improved packaging quality
  • Standalone models for logistics & warehouse
  • A flexible solution that offers benefits that are not matched by rotating arm or table technology


B – Series

  • Well proven ring concept for different load sizes
  • For various capacity needs from low to medium capacity
  • Continuous force to load control – wireless technology
  • No Touch No Tail film seaming
  • Unique solutions for different industrial segments including cold packaging areas
  • Preventive maintenance monitoring
  • Brick & Pavement -model


S – Series

  • Medium and high capacity models, for various load dimensions with different steel frame sizes
  • Over size frame e.g. for corrugated & construction industry
  • No Touch No Tail film seaming
  • Well proven structure in high capacity production lines, capacity adjusted automatically according line capacity
  • Preventive maintenance monitoring
  • OctoMAX service concept with on line data monitoring as an option
  • Model specified options like double top sheet dispenser


T – Series

  • High-speed Octopus-models – first wrapper built for over 200 pallets/h
  • Double head with individual and independent force to load control
  • No Touch No Tail film seaming
  • Food & beverage options in addition to standard benefits by segment specified features
  • Half & quarter EURO-pallet solutions
  • Preventive maintenance monitoring
  • OctoMAX service concept with on line data monitoring as an option
  • High Speed Conveyor –kit
  • Automatic reel change


Octopus GP

  • New frame & ring structure – layout flexibility
  • Due to the innovative structure Octopus GP is the first ring type machine which is container compatible without dismantling the frame & ring
  • Energy efficient technology – on-line monitoring in OctoFACE HMI
  • Preventive maintenance need monitoring
  • Additional instructions by QR-codes for operating, safety and maintenance – located to the dedicated points in the machine
  • New type of S-film carriage with Easy2Fix gripper
  • No Touch No Tail film seaming & cutting with automatic load width measuring
  • Point to Point wrapping method – unlimited alternatives to set up the wrapping method in OctoFACE HMI
  • OctoMAX film & production data acquisition & monitoring



Since the foundation back in 1969, LACHENMEIER has concentrated on the manufacturing of film wrapping machinery for securing of pallet loads. Together, Lachenmeier and Paterson Hughes have installed wrapping solutions in South Africa for cement, paper, white goods and fertilizer.


Power Flex T1

The Power Flex machine is primarily used for wrapping of different load heights but only one pallet size or pallets with very similar dimensions. If the size difference between the smallest and the largest pallet is too big, the Multi Flex machine should be considered.

Like the Multi FleX1, the Power Flex T1 is fitted with Lachenmeier’s patented technology of lowering the top of the machine down to floor level for easy service and maintenance (EP 2 069 206 B1).

The capacity of the Power Flex T1 is 120+ loads an hour.


Multi Flex 1

The Multi FleX1 is capable of wrapping at a very high speed of up to 250+ loads per hour.

The Multi FleX1 offers great flexibility with the possibility to run various load sizes with only one film size. At the same time the machine can be fitted with several film rolls to provide the ability to wrap multiple loads sizes with greater variations in size on the fly.

The flexibility lies in the gripper system, where each of the four grippers can be adjusted individually both lengthways and widthways and thus adapt to the actual load size.

The Multi FleX1 runs with Lachenmeier’s patented system, where the top of the machine can be lowered to floor level to ease service and maintenance (EP 2 069 206 B1).


Multi Flex L

Our Multi FleXL machine is designed to wrap loads from 500 x 500 mm and up to 3200 length x 1700 width mm, with a maximum height of 3000 mm. The machine is specially designed to wrap large loads like insulation batches, gypsum boards and corrugated boxes. Capacity wise the machine can wrap up to 150 loads an hour depending on product height and size.

The machine is fitted with the same well-known technical features as the Power Flex T1 and the Multi FleX1, such as the patented film unwinding during stretch patent (EP 1 184 281), which eliminates thin and fragile film on the corners of the stretch hood wrapped load. The system makes film on the corners of the load approx. 30% thicker than normal and avoids the formation of “pouches” on the corners. At the same time, this system saves up to 10% in film consumption.



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